"I find Ron to be an innovative and motivational trainer. His workouts are not only unique and invigorating, but our time together seems to fly by."

Jennifer Garner

"Ron's energy is contagious. His dedication to not only preaching but living the fitness lifestyle motivates everyone around him, including myself. I use Ron as an example of the highest level of physical conditioning that someone can take their body to."

Harley Pasternak
Founder of Multi-Variable Training

"Quite simply, Ron Mathews changed my life. Because of his dedication, knowledge and motivation, I finally discovered the rewards of working out, eating a balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle. He helped me transform myself, from a person who never exercised in her life, to someone who approaches each session with excitement. Ron successfully reshaped my body, and the way I lived my life – from a size 10 to a size 6."

Kate Forte
Harpo Films, Inc.

"I have trained with many professionals and have found Ron's method to be most effective for losing weight and promoting a better lifestyle."

Dawn Ostroff
President, CW